Lisa’s Favorite Products 2014

BB CREAMS: (sheer, natural great for days you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup but want even skin)


*Dior Snow BB Cream- my absolute FAVORITE BB cream for everyday wear. It is beautiful, and gives the skin great coverage for a BB cream, its easy to apply (I use my fingers and apply like I would moisturizer), and a little pump will cover your whole face.

*Garnier BB Cream- A drugstore option for BB Cream, also apply with fingers and work into the skin. Not as long wearing as the Dior but very nice finish and coverage (for a BB Cream)  for the value.



YSL Fusion Ink Foundation- Sheer to Medium Coverage Buildable

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation- Medium to Full

MAC Studio Fix Fluid- Medium to Full

Estee Lauder Double Wear- Medium to Full and very long wearing



MAC Prolongwear Concealer

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer



*Too Face Shadow Insurance Shadow Primer

*Makeup Geek EyeShadows ( These rival the quality of MAC and are less than half the price. Make sure if you order the shadow pans to order a Z Palette to put them in. You can find Z Palettes on her website or on Amazon.

*LORAC PRO Palettes- great range in colors matte and frost

*Urban Decay Naked Palettes- great range of neutral shadows

*Marc Jacobs Palette “206 The Lolita”- rich pigments, neutral warm palette, a great luxury palette

*Morphe EyeShadow Palettes (online only)- These are the BEST quality at this price point. These shadows are very inexpensive at $2 EACH! The palettes are around $20 for 35 shadows. They have many options in palettes on their website. The casing quality is cheap but the shadows are great quality!

*Any Flesh Tone Kohl Liner for Inner Rim lining- I am currently using Tarte

*NYX Gel Liners

*MAC Bountiful Brown Eye Liner- a nice bronze liner great for lower lash line to define but not harsh



*Makeup Geek Blushes

*Laura Mercier Blush in Rose Bloom (perfect peachy pink, matte)

*The Balm Mary Lou Luminzer

*NARS Laguna Bronzer

*MAC Blushes in Blushbaby, Peaches, Cubic, Peachykeen



*Bite Beauty Lip Products

*Givenchy Lipgloss in Capricious Pink

*NYX Buttergloss (super sheer, great for light makeup days)

*MAC Angel Lipstick (perfect pouty pink)

*MAC Stripdown Lip Pencil (light brown nude)

*MAC Lipglass (favorite colors: oyster girl, prrr, angel, c-thru, viva glam V)



Fitness Photoshoot Makeup (My NEW go to look)

I filmed this video inspired by the makeup my friend Adrienne Pitkin ( did on me in 2010 for a fitness photoshoot I did. After shooting this video, this has become my new go to look. I LOVE this look, easy and very wearable since all the shades are neutral and matte which creates a look that simply defines your features without being distracting. Hope you guys enjoy it!


Real Beauty…an unedited ramble of what it means to me today.

Real Beauty…

As a 31 year old mother to 2 little girls, I often think about the example I lead and what impact it will have on them as they begin to grow up as young girls developing a sense of self esteem and confidence. I reflect on my childhood and adolescent years… I grew up putting so much weight on beauty and physical appearance. Always striving for the acceptance of others, believing my physical appearance was priority and if I strived for perfection, life might be easier. I can see now, that I had a giant void in self esteem and confidence as a young woman. To believe the only thing I had to offer this world, was based on the way I looked is heartbreaking for me as a mother. To ever imagine my daughters growing up with this lack of self esteem, takes my heart and rips it out. My 2 year old is a beautiful little girl. I realize I’m her mother and I could not think anything different, but set aside that and she is truly a very pretty girl. I catch myself telling her how pretty and beautiful she is everyday. And its always followed by the thought, “now tell her how smart, kind, sweet and funny she is.” Am I overthinking this? Is there something wrong with telling your daughter she is beautiful? Are you subconsciously telling her that being pretty is the ONLY thing that matters?!?!

I think about my actions as a mother. Everything I do and say is teaching my children something. Whether I think they are listening or not, they are learning from my behavior. At the end of the day am I proud of the example I set for them? Did I complain about my weight? Did I gossip about another? Did I speak out in anger or frustration to my husband? What kind of woman are they observing their mother to be? When they are grown, what memories will they have of me? Will they remember me to be the mom that devoted her days to caring for them, loving them unconditionally, keeping the family and the home together day to day, acting silly and having fun but still being the guidance they needed as they grew up? The mom who was always there for every game, recital, school function, the mom who was never late at pick up and who was always involved in their activities. These are things that matter to me most.

My body has had 2 children and it may never look like it did before, but today I have more confidence than I ever have. I don’t stare in the mirror and criticize my figure anymore, I don’t go hungry and over exercise so I can hope the scale reads one pound less tomorrow. I remember being 105 pounds, a size 0, less than 15% body fat- yet when I looked in the mirror, all I saw were my flaws. I would have never been happy with myself in that state. It became clear to me then that happiness does not come when you are skinnier, richer, more successful, more… (fill in the blank). Happiness comes when you accept yourself for who you are, and you have the courage to be who YOU truly want to be.

It’s a delicate balance that has taken me a lifetime to grasp. A lover of beauty, I have a strong passion and appreciation for the art of makeup, for the glamorous transformation makeup can give. And to say that makeup doesn’t give me a boost in confidence, would not be truthful. But its not only important its CRUCIAL we teach our daughters what REAL beauty is. Real beauty is NOT measured in makeup, or a hair style, or an outfit. Real beauty is measured in how you treat others, how you make people feel when they interact with you, how you feel about yourself. Real beauty is not a mold. Real beauty comes in all different “shapes and sizes.” Real beauty can last a lifetime, and its gets better with age, with children, with life. As a mother, this might be one of the most important lessons I will commit to teaching my daughters. Because I believe that with a strong sense of self worth, a woman is unstoppable.

xoxo- Lisa

Navy Eyes {Holiday Makeup, Night Out Makeup}




Rodan+Fields Triple Defense Treatment…

Multi Function Eye Cream…

Benefit Stay Flawless 15 hour Primer

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation
MAC Prolongwear Concealer
NARS Laguna Bronzer
Smashbox Masterclass Palette (Bronze, Highlight and Carnation Blush)
MAC Medium Dark Loose Blot Powder to Set
The Balm Mary Lou Highlighter

MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot
Jane Iredale Peach SHERBET (NOT Sorbet as I say in the video…Oops!)
Lorac Pro Palette 1 (Taupe-matte transition color, Gold-frost copper-)
Lorac Pro Palette 2 (Snow-frost white-, Buff-mattte bone-, Cool Gray-matte purplish gray, Navy-matte deep blue- and Black)
The Balm Overshadow You Buy I’ll Fly
Tarte Inner Rim Liner in Brightener (nude)
NYX Black Gel Liner
Ardell Natural Demi Wispie Lashes
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara


Bare Minerals Liner in Empowered (Natural Lip color- Rose)
GloMinerals Lip Pencil Native (Pink Nude)
Too Faced Marshmallow Bunny Lipstick (Sheer Coral Pink)
Pure Illumination Lipgloss in Shimmering (shimmery sheer pink)

My Favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus

Hi Friends and Follow Lovers of all things beauty!

I wanted to share a list of my FAVORITE Beauty Gurus. The ladies who have inspired me to pursue my passion and share with the world everything I love about makeup and beauty. These YouTubers all offer makeup tutorials, product reviews, and other beauty related bits and I always enjoy their videos.



Her tutorials are informative and he style is glamorous. She has a fun and energetic personality and her videos are very entertaining.

Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill











HILARIOUS! Love this one. She’s a very talented makeup artist from the Netherlands who posts celebrity inspired looks, fun dramatic makeup and does some of the most hilarious Monthly Favorites Videos I have found on YouTube. She is so entertaining and I always look forward to her newest videos.


Nikkie Tutorials















WOW! This gorgeous girl, is an incredible talent. Not only with her makeup skills but her videos are on point. You will see what I mean in the first few minutes of her intros. Super high quality production. She’s sweet, she’s beautiful and she’s talented. She offers makeup and hair tutorials as well as style videos here and there.


Desi Perkins















Nicole is personable and sweet, she’s gorgeous and makes watching her videos easy. She’s got a fun and effortless approach to makeup and is totally relatable to every women. She offers tutorials on very wearable looks, while still looking glamourous and put together.


Nicole Guerriero