My Favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus

Hi Friends and Follow Lovers of all things beauty!

I wanted to share a list of my FAVORITE Beauty Gurus. The ladies who have inspired me to pursue my passion and share with the world everything I love about makeup and beauty. These YouTubers all offer makeup tutorials, product reviews, and other beauty related bits and I always enjoy their videos.



Her tutorials are informative and he style is glamorous. She has a fun and energetic personality and her videos are very entertaining.

Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill











HILARIOUS! Love this one. She’s a very talented makeup artist from the Netherlands who posts celebrity inspired looks, fun dramatic makeup and does some of the most hilarious Monthly Favorites Videos I have found on YouTube. She is so entertaining and I always look forward to her newest videos.


Nikkie Tutorials















WOW! This gorgeous girl, is an incredible talent. Not only with her makeup skills but her videos are on point. You will see what I mean in the first few minutes of her intros. Super high quality production. She’s sweet, she’s beautiful and she’s talented. She offers makeup and hair tutorials as well as style videos here and there.


Desi Perkins















Nicole is personable and sweet, she’s gorgeous and makes watching her videos easy. She’s got a fun and effortless approach to makeup and is totally relatable to every women. She offers tutorials on very wearable looks, while still looking glamourous and put together.


Nicole Guerriero




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