Product Review: Bobbi Brown’s NEW** Full Coverage Face Brush



Described on her website as:

What is it: Suitable for all our powder formulas, the short, tightly packed bristles of this ultra-soft brush effortlessly cut shine and deliver just the right amount of formula for an ultra-polished “HD” finish.

Who is it for: For women who want a flawless, full-coverage look.

Why is it different: This brush can be used both dry and damp with our liquid foundations too.

How do I use it: Begin by brushing on formula around the nose, then gently blend onto the rest of the skin. Be sure to add extra coverage where there’s any redness.

Here’s what I found:

Totally obsessed with this new brush from Bobbi Brown! The dense soft bristles, buff product into the skin giving a full coverage that looks smooth and blends seamlessly. I have used with liquid foundation only, but this brush can be used with cream or powder products too. I just picked this up over the weekend, so have only had the chance to use with MAC Studio Fix Fluid (Medium to Full Coverage Liquid) mixed with Garnier’s BB Cream (Sheer coverage liquid). I like to mix the two together when I am looking for medium coverage for day wear that doesn’t look like I have a lot of makeup on the skin.

The brush won’t absorb as much product as a sponge would, so you end up using less of your product which is always a bonus. While I am still a lover of the Beauty Blender, I will be switching up my applications between the BB and this new brush. Both offer a full coverage application. I’d have to say the biggest difference between the 2 would be this brush has a little more versatility in the sense that you don’t have to get a full coverage finish, it can be used to get a sheer application a little more easily than the BB. Also, the BB requires a little more maintenance in terms of cleaning than the brush.


Overall Rating of this Product:


Pros: Super Soft, great size for foundation- large enough to make cover surface well but small enough to work around the nose, temples any other areas you need more detail.  Packed dense fibers give the perfect coverage yet are soft and can be used to sheer out and blend products easily. Shorter handle so it fits into travel or cosmetic bag easily.

Cons: Not super pricey (and worth the $42 in my opinion) but not the most affordable face brush.

Retail: $42


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